Workers' Comp / No Fault

Were you injured at work, and are you experiencing psychological problems?

If so, you may be entitled to psychological treatment with South Shore Counseling. This is part of the Workers’ Compensation and No Fault Programs, which provide psychological treatment to workers who have suffered job-related injuries, accidents, diseases, and/or illnesses. These workplace injuries may result in issues in which psychological treatment could be beneficial.  

With which issues and diagnoses could psychotherapy be helpful?

Some of these issues and diagnoses include, but are not limited to:

Click here to learn more about the issues and diagnoses that our psychotherapists specialize in treating.

How could psychotherapy address these issues and decrease symptoms?

By working with a therapist at South Shore Counseling, you could learn methods to mitigate symptoms, all the while, learning more about yourself to improve your overall functioning. Click here to learn more about the many therapies and treatments that our psychotherapists utilize to provide our clients with the best support possible.